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This 3 month package is only those individuals who are truly motivated to create change in their lives. It is for those that are working hard to be accountable, are willing to dig deep and really clean out the beliefs that are holding you back.

Weekly Belief Breakthrough Session (1 hr) - Daily Texting or Email with up to 3 different mentors / alternating

New Skill Each Week

Goals and Action steps in all four areas of your life - daily accountability

Money Block Session / 3 book assignments

1 MasterMind Session - In person if within 100 miles with mentors of your choice

Creation of Life Story and Purpose

Spiritual Alignment Sessions

Limitless Ticket

This package will allow for weekly in-person sessions if requested and if distance permits.

This package is not available for everyone. Once you have selected this package, we will give you a call and set up an appointment to see if we are a fit. This DISCOVERY SESSION will help us get the best mentor for you, and help you decide if you are ready. This must create a win / win.

Disclaimer: All information, techniques and sessions are used for informational purposes only. By purchasing this product you acknowledge that you will hold harmless Mentoring For Me, Jacqueline Smith, and any other person involved with this product. You do not take any information, advice, or session as professional, psychological or medical evaluation.

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