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Through my honesty, integrity, and leadership. I assist others in their own personal growth, while achieving my greatest growth.  Through my trust, I create opportunities for long-term, meaningful relationships where both parties are edified. Through my love and committment to my Father-in-Heaven, my family, my community, and myself, I choose proactive behavior in achieving the greatest good.  
  --- Jacqueline Barlow Smith

Jacqueline Smith

Jacqueline Smith is mother to 5 beautiful children.  She currently homeschools her youngest four children.  She is part owner of a plumbing company, CRS Mechanical Contractors, Inc.  which specializes in radiant heat, plumbing, snowmelt, geo-thermal heating and cooling, and solar water-heating.  Her husband is the brains behind that business, she handles the books.  The family raises pigs, chickens, and has a bee hive on their property. Her main focus is raising her children, serving in her church and community, and raising awareness of personal responsibility to create freedom.


Education:  Her formal education included Weber State, The University of Utah, and George Wythe University.  She is currently adjunct faculty for Monticello College in Monticello, Utah creating New American Founders.  She loves learning, and loves to help educate others in principles of freedom and liberty. She is a public speaker and invites people to host classes to help educate their friends and neighbors.  She has been personally mentored by great people, and has a life rich in experience.


Work Experience:  As a part of corporate America for 18 years, Jacqueline was the executive assistant to Robert L. Rice and Scott L. Rice at Rice Industries, where she oversaw the accounting work of 32 corporations in 7 states and balanced their monthly cash flows and bank statements, along with analysis of data for improved cash flow.  She played a pivotal role in helping to create new customized software for the corporations by helping the programmer find ways to make it very user-friendly and intuitive.  She left the corporate world when she and Cleve added to their family, and she worked to help Cleve start his own business. She trades stocks and options, and is also diversified into real estate.  She mentors in many areas.


Political Experience:  After co-founding the STAR Forum entry into the political world has been a whirlwind.  Jacqueline has served as a State Delegate many times, and has served as the Summit County Republican Treasurer and Secretary, and  is currently a member of the State Central Committee. She served on the Freedomworks Tea Party Debt Commission in Utah.  She was a candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Utah’s 1st District in 2012.


Her Mission:  Jacqueline believes strongly in freedom an liberty.  She recognizes that we will not change this nation until we change our hearts.  She believes that when people are truly governing their own hearts, they will govern their families better.  This in turn creates a better neighborhood, then city, county, state, and eventually nation.  These principles have been taught since before Christ.  It is important that we learn the tools to become our greatest selves and step into the role we were created to fulfill.  She wants people to be free of their past mistakes, or mistakes others have made that caused them pain.  She also believes in helping others create financial freedom.

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