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I believe in creating the life you have always wanted by creating a mindset that is powerful, positive, and willing to dig deep.  I believe that everyone carries genius inside of them.  I believe everyone can access their divine and become that person they were meant to become.
                                        -- Jen Gedge

Jen Gedge

Jen Gedge is beautiful mother to her three children.  She has a passion for health, nutrition, and a healthy mind.


Education:  Jen has been a Beach Body Coach and is currently being certified in belief breakthrough.  And is in a mentor program with Kris Krohn.


Work Experience:  Jen is an amazing organizer.  Give you any job in any situation and she has created a way to make it work better, be more organized and flow.  


Her Mission:  To help others create in a way that honors them and provides peace and power in their personal, professional and spiritual life.

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