Conscious Creator by Kris Krohn - Hardback

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You were born for a purpose. You were born to create. You were born to live with passion, confidence, and joy. You were born for greatness. But life is challenging. So many forces are arrayed against our success: pain, fear, lack of knowledge, social pressure. Happiness can seem like a fleeting exception rather than the rule. Despite these forces, success and happiness are the predictable and guaranteed results of living natural laws-specifically, the Six Laws of conscious Creation. These powerful, universal laws are detailed in this book, which is written as a parable. Through the story of Shaun Porter, you'll learn how you can conquer your personal limitations, discover your unique purpose, and exercise the power of creative manifestation. Feat this book to learn how to: - Overcome unconscious forces and live as a Conscious Creator - Alter your perceptions of reality and move from victim to victor - Become more creative, innovative, and productive - Gain clarity on exactly what you want to do and be---to live by design rather than default - Increase your faith and personal power to achieve your goals - Uncover and uproot false and limiting beliefs and replace them with true and empowering beliefs - Make more money by living your passion - Create and manifest the life of your dreams, and leave a lasting legacy

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